About us:

The goal of FLEXPAC is to make membership a significant tool for progressive flexible printing, packaging manufacturers, traders and suppliers. As the voice of the flexible packaging industry for over couple of years, the Flexible Packaging Association is recognized as a reliable and credible source of the industry information.


To be a world-class trade organization that promotes the growth of the industry and contribute to the national economy while providing outstanding industry representation and services to the members.


Flexpack advances a pro-manufacturing agenda, strengthens competitiveness, improves productivity and pursues zero waste strategies for the Pakistan Flexible Packaging (Converting) Industry.

Flexpack Agenda:

Being first association of Pakistani converters, it has the agenda to make persistent efforts to promote trade and industry with the ultimate objective of uplifting the economy of Pakistan.

  • To bring down high tariffs of utilities and high cost of manufacturing and doing business.
  • To broaden tax-base while increasing tax to GDP ratio and seek relief for already registered taxpayers.
  • To improve worldwide perception about Pakistan.
  • To encourage the Public-Private partnership on the projects of national interest.
  • Urge the government to evolve legal framework to protect the Converting Industry against unforeseen incidents.
  • To protect and facilitate the converting industry and encourage new investments in expansion and modernization in order to minimize the dependence of local end users of packaging products on imported solutions, thus doing a multi dimensional job of not only reducing the imports but also increasing the employment opportunities and tax revenue to the government.
  • To submit proposals for Federal and Provisional Budgets with the aim and objectives to safeguard the interests of converting industry and make their voice and concerns heard.
  • To protect the industry against day to day challenges by devising mutual strategy.
  • To resolve the issues related to payments and other disputes between the industry and the customers/suppliers.


The Flexible Packaging Association of Converters of Pakistan follows a policy of strict mutual trust among its members by disallowing and breach of trust with regard to the discussions/deliberations during its meetings. The Association urges its members to strictly follow the laws related to the industry and ensure complete compliance with government laws. Flexpack urges all its members to follow these guidelines before, during and after the meetings.

  • Do not discuss prices (including price increases and pricing methods), discounts, terms of sales, and the refusal to deal with another company, or profit margins with any representative of any member company.
  • Do not make announcements about your prices or those of competitors.
  • Do not talk about the plans of individual companies (yours or competitors’) regarding specific geographic or product markets, or regarding particular customers.
  • If in doubt about the propriety of any subject or activity, consult the Executive Committee Members.
  • Works to protect your business against unnecessary and costly regulations and legislation.
  • Facilitates networking opportunities that help you compete effectively in the industry.
  • Promotes growth and development of the converting industry.
  • Provides industry specific information that enables you to make educated business decisions.