Chairman Message:

Dear Members,
Welcoming the honorable members of Flexible Packaging Association of Converters of Pakistan and business community of Converters Industry of Pakistan, I wish to express my cordially gratitude and best tributes for reposing confidence in electing me unopposed for the responsibility of Chairman of 1st Pakistan Converter Association. It is an honor and pleasure for me to be elected as the Chairman of this esteemed organization, Flexible Packaging Association of Converters of Pakistan for me this organization is like my second family.
Flexible Packaging Association of Converters of Pakistan is   a non-political, independent, membership based, volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization with a clear mandate to lead and serve the Flexible Packaging Business of this land of opportunities
Being Chairman of the 1st Converter association, it is my first and primary responsibility to work with a missionary enthusiasm, devotion and commitment to the Flexpack members in particular and to the Flexible Packaging community in general to serve them above myself.
I shall try my top best to offer perceptive and important policy contributions with dynamic initiatives that would have positive influence on the social and economic landscape of Pakistan.
Allah willing, with the positive support of all the members, together we can overcome these challenges. InShaa Allah.

Mujahid Ali Shaikh, Chairman