Executive Committee Members:

Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members elected from all over the Pakistan. The Flexpac Executive Committee shall have supervision control and direction of the affairs of the association shall determine its policies or changes thereof within the limits of these Bylaws shall actively pursue its purposes.

Office Bearers

Mr. Mujahid Ali Shaikh

Managing Director
M/s. Sprintech Packages Pvt. Ltd (Lahore)

Ali Morani
Mr. Jawed Butt (Jimmy)
Senior Vice Chairman

Managing Director
M/s. PrinterPort Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Jawed Butt
Mr. Khalid Khanani
Vice Chairman South

Managing Director
M/s. Metatex Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Khalid Khanani.jpg
Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman
Vice Chairman North

M/s. Pak Packages (Lahore)


Executive Committee Member South

Mr. Tarique Rehman

M/.s. Fazlee Sons Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Tarique Rehman Fazlee
Mr. Saad Habib

M/s. Jilani Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Mr. Yousuf Tinwala

M/s. Saima Packaging Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Youssuf Tinwala
Mr. Shariq Maqbool Ellahi

Managing Director
M/s. Toyo Packaging Pvt. Ltd (Karachi)

Shariq Maqbool Elahi

Executive Committee Member North

Mr. Shaikh Naeem Ahmed

M/s. Rainbow Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Multan)

Sheikh Naeem.jpg
Mr. Naeem Ahmed Khan

M/s. Naeem Packages (Lahore)

Naeem Ahmed Khan
Mr. Hamayun Tariq

M/s. Fine Art Printing Press Pvt. Ltd (Faisalabad)

Hamayun Tariq
Mr. Nasir Mehmood Rajauri

Secretary General

Nasir Mehmood Rajauri